Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thirsty: Day 1 preproduction

It's a new year and I've decided to kick it off with a new project. Today was day one of preproduction. I met with a talented and creative writer that I have been wanting to collaborate with for a long time. We came up with an amazing plot and started the screenplay to which will be our next biggest project and big undertaking for a small crew.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

br-pr miami

I had the opportunity to work alongside br-pr miami for the past couple of months. This past weekend the team and I collaborated and put together a video that easily sums up what br-pr is all about.

br-pr miami from Richard Yamcek on Vimeo.

A quick overview of br-pr miami

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wedding Demo Reel

In March and April of 2009, I had the opportunity to be the videographer at the weddings of two couples. Below is a video of my favorite captured moments.

Wedding Reel 2009 from Richard Yamcek on Vimeo.

House of Jackie Brown

In July 2009, I was able to attend a Fashion Show for House of Jackie Brown where their latest swimsuit collection (called Electric Couture) was featured. The Show took place at the Ganesvoort Hotel in Miami. To check them out go to their website:

Below is the video of the Fashion Show.

Level Magazine: October 2009 Fashion Photo Shoot

Another recent project was with Level Magazine. Their October 2009 Fashion Photo Shoot was worked on by the following: The Producer was Enrique Lopez (, the Photographer was Danny Cardozo (, the Stylist was Irma Martinez (, the Stylist was Lina Rodriguez (, the Hair Stylist was Gianluca Mandell (, the Makeup Artist was Edward Cruz (, and the Models were Michelle Schermer and Shanina Shaik ( Below is the video.

Level Magazine Fashion Photoshoot from Richard Yamcek on Vimeo.

br-pr miami: Spandex Wall Photo Shoot

In August, I had the pleasure of working with Br-Pr and covering their photoshoot with a spandex wall. The concept was very interesting and a lot of thought and hard work was put into this shoot. The Producer was Lissandra Giangrandi, the Photographer was Presscott McDonald (, the Art Director was Gerard Bush (, the Prop Stylist was Andres Miguel, Makeup was done by Edward Cruz, the Hair Stylist was Ryan Suhr, the Stylist was Angelo DeSanto, and the Models were John Esposito and Roza Abdurazakova. Below is the video.

IFW's Farrah Fawcett Tribute

I was able to work on this project a few months ago with a variety of highly-talented people. IFW wanted to recreate some of Fawcett's most famous shots in tribute of her life and I put together a Behind the Scenes video for the photo shoot. The photographer for the shoot was Presscott McDonald ( , the Art Director was Gerard Bush ( , the Stylist was Jessica Bosch ( , Makeup was done by Gina Giurdanella, and the Hair Stylist was Ryan Suhr of Cutler Hair Salon. Below you can view the video.

IFW The ultimate Angel, Farrah Fawcett from Richard Yamcek on Vimeo.